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Hebei Ice-Snow Sports Industry Development Plan (2018-2025 Years)

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1.The Situation
From the international view, the ice and snow industry originated in the European Alps. After more than a hundred years of development, the industry has formed a market system with complete industrial chain, diversified construction and management and perfect supporting services. At present, there are more than 6000 ski resorts in the world, which are distributed in more than 100 countries. The number of skiing is about 400 million per snowy season, and the total output value is about 700 billion dollars. First, the contribution rate of ice and snow industry to economic development is higher and higher. The ice and snow industry in Switzerland and Austria has become an important pillar of the national economy. The total population of Austria, Austria, has a total population of nearly 4000 kilometers and 10 snow fields with more than one million people. The tourism revenue of skiing is 7 billion 300 million euros, accounting for 18% of GDP. The two is the upgrading of ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry. The large equipment enterprises and skiing fields in the world have put the high technology application in the important position. The international manufacturers, such as the first French Nightingale company in the world, and the Swiss OZARK company producing the advanced skiing clothes, have increased the intelligence, network and science and technology of the skiing equipment products by increasing the scientific research input. Level. Three, the development of international ice and snow tourism is becoming more and more mature. Four seasons operation has become an important way to achieve sustainable development, forming a new pattern of winter skiing, summer summer vacation, spring and autumn sightseeing development, and all season tourism. The total population of Switzerland is more than 800 million people, and the number of foreign skiing tours is up to 15 million people each year, and the foreign exchange rate is 7 billion dollars. The ice and snow tourism accounts for 60% of the total tourism income of Switzerland and about 30% of the gross national product. Four is the high rate of high end ice and snow sports events. The North American professional hockey league has seen more than one hundred million people, with an annual turnover of more than 4 billion US dollars, which has become an important part of the ice and snow industry income. The broadcasting of ice and snow games in the European sports TV station accounts for 40%. The depth of the sports cooperation and television advertising bring great commercial value to the sports industry. The five is that the world's ice and snow industry has begun to move to Asia. In recent years, the major skiing market, such as Europe and America, has begun to appear saturated. Ice snow equipment manufacturing, ice and snow tourism and other major business are gradually shifting to East Asia, which centers on China, Japan and South Korea, especially China, as a new market for ice and snow industry, has a greater attraction to Europe and the United States.

2、General Requirements
1) Guiding Ideology. Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, taking the opportunity to organize the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development and Xiong an new area planning and construction, to promote the structural reform of the supply side as the main line, in order to expand the scale and level of ice and snow consumption, strengthen the accumulation of ice and snow industry, and promote ice and snow customs. Combined industry and development, continuously expand the supply of ice and snow products and services, focus on building the international ice and snow brands with Hebei characteristics, and strive to build Hebei into a strong province of ice and snow industry and a world-class ice and snow tourist resort.

2)Basic Principles.
 In The Winter Olympics, Cooperative Development. In order to organize the Winter Olympic Games in 2022, speed up the construction of Winter Olympics, mass ice and snow venues, ice and snow equipment research and development, transportation network and comprehensive services, actively integrate the development of ice and snow industry into Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, strengthen the exchange and cooperation and coordination between the three regions, and promote the north of the new area. Beijing's high-end advantageous resources are transferred to Hebei, providing higher level talents and scientific research support for the development of our province's ice and snow industry.
Reform And Innovation And Make Overall Progress. From both sides of the supply side and the demand side, around the cultivation of ice and snow sports potential groups, the formation of high quality ice and snow experience and lifestyle, through innovative operation management, widening financing channels, upgrading technology and so on, provide the world's first-class ice and snow products and services; based on the global development planning, the overall development of ice and snow cause And accelerate the development of the ice and snow industry to achieve complementary advantages and enhance the overall spatial development pattern.
Government Guidance, Market Led. We should give full play to the government's unique role in policy support, capital investment, supervision and management, optimize the business environment, improve the consumption system, straighten out the management system and mechanism, focus on stimulating the market vitality, and introduce advanced factors such as ideas, talents and technology to the international ice and snow industry, and accelerate the promotion of ice. The quality and level of the snow industry are developed.
According To Local Conditions, Key Breakthroughs. According to the natural conditions and economic development level, we should give full play to the advantages of ice, ice and ice, snow and snow, dislocation development, the creation of famous brands, hot areas, low level and homogenization, and the development of the whole province's ice and snow products with their own characteristics and differences.
Industry Linkage, Integration And Development. It always runs through the concept of ecological priority and green development, realizes the integration of ice and snow industry elements and regional coordination, forms a reasonable industrial division system and a perfect industrial chain, and actively promotes the development of ice and snow industry from winter to spring to the four seasons, and promotes the organic integration of ice and snow with tourism, health, exhibition, culture and other related industries. The masses share more achievements in the development of the ice and snow industry.

3.Development Goals.
Based on the cultivation of the new growth pole of Hebei economy, the ice snow sports, snow and snow equipment R & D and manufacture, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow talent training, ice and snow culture are the core of the ice and snow whole industry chain, and the world ice and snow sports resort and world ice and snow tourism aim are made. The land, the world ice and snow equipment manufacturing area, the world ice and snow talent training base, the world ice and snow forum exhibition highland, to achieve the national leading, world - class, and build a strong province of ice and snow industry.
1)The Strength Of The Ice And Snow Industry Was Obviously Enhanced. By 2022, the skiing stadiums and stadiums in the province reached 80, the skating stadiums reached 200, the ice and snow industry reached 120 billion yuan, and the skiing stadiums and stadiums in the province reached 100 by 2025, and the skating stadiums and stadiums and stadiums and venues were 250, leading the whole country. To cultivate 10 international brand events and activities and create 10 ice and snow industry leading enterprises, the ice and snow industry has a total scale of 150 billion yuan, making the ice and snow industry a new growth pole for the economic development of our province.

2) The Level Of Snow And Ice Is Accelerated. In 2022, 15 professional ice and snow sports teams were set up, and ice and snow sports talents reached more than 1200. Professional athletes were prepared to reach about 250 people. A batch of winter sports reserve base, clubs and traditional schools were supported. In 2020, the National Winter Games won the gold medal, and the medals were won in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022. To the gold medal.

3)The Rapid Economic Development Of Ice And Snow Tourism. In the country, it is the first to build a world class ski resort with over million people, and create a world famous ice and snow tourist destination brand, and the comprehensive service level of accommodation, catering, shopping, entertainment and transportation has been continuously improved to meet the multi demand. By 2022, the number of ice and snow tourism reached 40 million people (including the four seasons operation of the stadium, the same below), the total income of ice and snow tourism reached 100 billion yuan, and the number of ice and snow tourist arrivals reached 60 million by 2025, and the total income of ice and snow tourism reached 120 billion yuan.

4) Ice And Snow Equipment Manufacturing Industry Is Leaps And Bounds. In 2022, the output value of the ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry reached over 5 billion yuan in 2025, and exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2025. Cultivate a batch of ice and snow equipment and equipment industry demonstration base, unit and project, create a batch of excellent ice and snow equipment brand, introduce a batch of international first-class well-known enterprises, build 2 ice and snow equipment manufacturing research and development base at the provincial level and above, and create ice snow equipment backbone enterprises with over 10 yuan of operating income over 100 million yuan.

5)The Ice And Snow Human Resources Are Highly Intensive. By 2022, 20000 ice and snow talents are trained, including stadiums and gymnasiums, sports popularization, medical service and industrial development. The Winter Olympic Games, the etiquette and the ice and snow movement into the campus cover 100%. By 2025, the international first-class Zhangjiakou International Ice and snow Institute is built, and the world famous high end Forum on ice and snow is built, and Hebei is built. It will become a training and Education Center for China's ice and snow industry development, a talent exchange center, an international communication center and a creative research and development center.


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