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Classic Padel Court

Item No.: QIFAN-P01B
Classic Padel Court
Technical sheet
1. Court size:
Length 20m, width 10m.
2. Turf:
2.1 Type: monofilament artificial grass;
2.2 Height: 12mm;
2.3 Density: 52500 needles/m2;
2.4 Standard:GB/T 20394-2006 ,
3. Tempered glass:
3.1 Type: Explosion-proof tempered glass;
3.2 Size and quantity: 18pieces 2000mm*3000mm;
3.3 Thickness 12mm;
3.4 Characteristic: impact resistance, The grape-shot bag impact property and fragmented
form comply with GB 15763.2-2005 glass>;
4. Column and mesh:
4.1 Vertical angle between column, glass and ground should be less than 1°;
4.2 Glass installation should be smooth;
4.3 Column: 100 ×50 ×3mm  steel tube,Frame: 40 ×60 ×3mm  steel
4.4 Net diameter 4mm,mesh distance 50 ×50mm,There are safeguard measures in the end of
mesh avoiding scratch, surface adopts electrostatic powder spraying which makes surface smooth,
various indexes comply with GB15065-94 and IE60502,water absorption rate: 0%.
5. Light system:
8 sets LED light,power: 200W;
Light pole is installed in the net,pole height 6000mm;
Illuminance: 300Lux.