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Posthouse Fitness Center

Size: Ф6364*5304mm; 

1.4 pcs Supporting column: 
Composite column(steel pipe+aluminum profile): 180*180mm, steel pipe: 140*180*3mm, aluminum profile: 170*20mm;   
2.Ceiling skeleton adopts chaining supporting, supporting column: 76*3.0mm steel pipe, anti-theft fasteners;

3.Umbrella structure: Support structure and pull rod support it on the columns, umbrella material: PVDF composite fabric, wing hot sticking, double sticking structure between ceiling and tractive area.   

4.Equipment: chess table, tai chi keaning machine, waist and back massager, waist twister, leisure bench, horse riding machine, totally 6 pcs. Concrete base, marble surface; 

5.Polysilicon solar panels:
Max power 60W, Voltage at max power 19.2V, Current at max power 3.12A, open-circuit voltage 23.1V, short-circuit current 3.43A. Electric power storage: Li-ion battery series, Battery capacity: 50Ah, Nominal Voltage: 12V;                                                                                                                                 

5、Installation: embedded type.